Dream Dream Dream

“Row row your boat gently down the stream…”

“Merely merely merely life is by the dream…”

This is one of my daughter favorite songs that can make her sit very calm so that I can feed her easily without worrying she would run around.

Hmm…speaking about dream, I dreamed something last night…or exactly dreamed someone. Whatever. Everytime I have this dream, the next morning I wake up I will remember the dream very clearly and still feel the emotions. Actually, I often dream about this something eventhough I really avoid this thing in my real life. I don’t even want to think about this (or this someone). But, it keeps on visiting me, at least when I am dreaming, it comes so often. Sometimes I feel like the more I try to get myself away from this, the more it involves in my dream. And it always makes me ask myself why that memories then bother me in my unconsciousness while in the midday I don’t even once remember or think about it.

Then, I found the answer after reading some references. The explanation about dream is very varied, but I like to make it simple.

Dream is something like images, thoughts, and emotions that are experienced during our sleep. Generally, sleep is divided into 2 types : Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM sleep. The steps before we fall asleep are :

1. Non-REM sleep. Mostly researchers divide it into 3 parts further, called N1, N2, N3. Simply said, that N1 is the first phase that we feel so sleepy, we are between sleep and wakefulness. Muscles are still active and eyes move rolling slowly. In this stage, we are easily awakened. And then N2 and N3, our sleep become deeper than before. N3 is the stage of the sleeper is wakeless, most of environment stimuli will not disturb the sleeper or he becomes less responsive.

2. REM Sleep. It can be seen by eyes movement. The eyes move very quick and this is the deepest sleep during the night. The brain is highly active like we are awake. Dream mostly occurs in the REM Sleep. We tend to remember the dream occurs in this stage. While if we dream in the stage of non-REM, the dream is less vivid or memorable.

What are we dreaming? Why are we dreaming our dream? These are the questions I have been asking about lately, since I often experience the similar dream.

sleeping newborn baby

I think this explanation would be good. The Freud’s theory remains popular today. He wrote in his popular book The Interpretation of Dreams, ” Dream is disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes (1)” Hmmm… Is it something you really wanted but  unfortunately out of your reach? Maybe I try too hard to hide or to forget about it in my conscious life, but the subconsciousness of me still working on that signal, because it was really a significant memory though.

Another theory said that dreams are the result of our brains trying to interpret external stimuli during sleep (2). For example when we feel like to pee, we dream about to go to the toilet :p Or when we hear alarm ringing, we dream so. And the last theory I agree with is dreams function as a form of psychotherapy. In this theory, the dreamer is able to make connections between different thoughts, ideas, and emotions in a safe environment (3). This explains why sometimes we dream of something weird and unexpected to happen in real life. Because when we dream we can do anything unrestrained.

Aaahh, please go away bad memories.. Well, now I am very sleepy. 3.05 am. It’s time for me to sleep 🙂 I wish I’ll have a good sweet dream tonight..


1 Freud, S. (1900). The interpretation of dreams.

2 Antrobus, J. (1993). Characteristics of dreams. Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming.

3 Hartmann, E. (1995)Making connections in a safe place: Is dreaming psychotherapy? Dreaming, 5, 213-228.

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