for Tata

She’s about getting married
I know it’s what she’s been waiting
I am just so happy knowing that
as I do love seeing her happy

She’s about getting married
And I wish I had a little time to spend with her
Because I’m afraid we hardly have the chance to
Before she’s too busy with the new life

Maybe a simple teatime,
with some chocolate or cakes,
Sitting near each other,
Sharing what’s been up to our lives,
Chit chat and a little warm of laugh..
Hmmm…I think it would be nice
Because I miss her so much

She’s about getting married
Going to reach the love of her life
And she’s just my lovely bestfriend
We were ever so closed at those times
And I am wondering how I am doing in her heart now..

Special for my dearest friend Tata ‘Zestadianna Adzel’ :’*

Wishing you a happy beautiful life


2 thoughts on “for Tata

  1. Aaamiiin..

    you know that I will always love you, right? Insya Allah..

    this is so sweet of you, you’ve made me cry a river..

    I do love to spend some time together, after the ‘due date”, maybe?

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