The Up Above I Love So Much

“Whenever you feel like life is just ugly, look at the sky. It is always beautiful, day or night, clear or cloudy, calm or stormy.”

I don’t know who said it, but it’s just so true. There is something magical when you see the sky. Moon, stars, rainbow, clear blue sky, tons of clouds, they’re just beautiful. Especially the night sky. Very stunning that you can easily blown away staring at its beauty. I still remember when I was in college, I used to lay down on my bed which was exactly below the window. I simply opened my window to enjoy the night sky. Being alone in a crowded city, distant from home, tired of all things came up in campus, made me feel that I’d need a little escape. And I found this very helpful; laying down enjoying the sky…giving this mind a little rest, just feeling free. And sometimes, I don’t know why I relate the sky with love, however these sky, night, and stars are lovable and enchanting…a romantic moment to remember anything you love. I guess. And I love imaginating about sky and stars, just like how I really loved reading Enid Blyton’s fantasy book when I was little…

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I have never stopped loving you.




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