(Not) Ok

Maybe I lied when I said ok.
Or maybe I didn’t know how I should’ve felt.
I was ironically between two different feelings; happy and hating.
Yet, I said ok.
Later on, I knew I was completely wrong, because it’s not utterly ok.
I am so angry to myself why I let this happen again, even though I have promised so many times to never step back again.
I am struggling so hard to get away, so please stay away.


9 thoughts on “(Not) Ok

      1. Keknya iya dehh, keberatan mungkin. Soalnya nge load nya spt stucked gt, trus gak lanjut. Kdg malah gak bs open sm skali. Tp pas aq coba ke blog lain bs kok. Ngeri ang yo, dah kebanyakan ni post nya..cie cie..

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