Gallery Wall

Ever since I fell in love to a gallery wall, I always wanted to have one in our home. It’s simply beautiful and an easy wall art to make. I picked up some nice photo frames, and some of them are just my old ones I didn’t buy. I also combined them with stretched canvases. Most of them are photo prints and the remains are my DIY posters (I don’t deserve to call it art 😀 it’s just way too far).

                   One of the DIY posters

Here how my gallery wall looks, I am so happy to see how it turns. Unfortunately, I forgot taking a picture of the room before it was set up, so I can’t show the before-after difference. I only had a poor picture I accidentally captured in no purpose at about first time we entered this house, moreover it was the opposite wall to where the gallery wall is set now. But, I think it’s just enough to see how blank the wall was without anything on it.




Anyway, the tricky part of making this was to precisely put them on the wall the way you want them to be arranged (yes, put, not hang by the nails, I’ll explain about it later). You don’t want it to be too high, too low, or have uneven space among all of the pictures. Here’s what I did:

1. I laid them on the floor, up against the wall (and the sofa I want them to be put above), and then arranged the pictures until the best composition found. Set the space between pictures at any distance you prefer. You can see how different they might look and feel to your room with some spacings you try. For me, I like it best at about 7 or 8 cm spacing. Don’t forget to capture that with your camera, so you can remember the position of each of them even one by one they leave the floor to put on the wall.



2. After this, you only need a scissor and mounting tape. Well, yes..I didn’t use nails to hang the pictures, this way the wall wouldn’t be disrupted. No overwhelming work and stuff at all and the wall still stands nicely without holes here and there. Instead, mounting tape worked great, even to put on the big frame to the wall. I used 3M mounting tape. It’s super easy.

3. Actually, when project the picture layout to the wall, you can first mark the wall with pencil or masking tape, if you really want to assure no mistake being made. But, I was too lazy to do that 😀 It pretty much should have spent more time, while I needed to do it in rush, because my 2 babies seemed interested enough in what their mother doing, and kept bustling around me, sometimes interrupting -__- haha. Anyway, instead of marking the wall, I directly mounted them on to the wall by instinct, without a level too -trying to hang them straight. After having the right composition on the floor with sofa as the centerline, I started from the very bottom picture, and went ahead to the upper next to it, and the sides of it. And so on until the last picture hung. It’s just like playing puzzles. I was really careful on this step, trying not to make mistake, since I have no markings on the target wall. I only relied my best on my limited accuracy and the layout photo I captured before, and also the remain pictures on the floor. I looked at them back and forth, always checking I was doing right. Fortunately, everything went perfect, they all hung very well. And I finally have my own gallery wall.

Happy making yours!


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