Soon I’ll be 30 years old. I can’t believe I made it to this late 20s, which just couple years ago when my age was still considered young adult, I saw an age of 30 will be somewhere of someone should be mature enough, independent, and…old. Here I am. I can now see fine wrinkles starting to appear on my face, whatever, it won’t bother me so much right now. Somehow, I refuse to feel old, as later I think it’s just a state of being completely grown-up and maturer young woman. I know, I’m getting old, but not yet that far. There’s nothing to worry about.

Throughout this years, I’ve been trying to make up my mind to stay positive, curious, and active. If not, I’ll go insane. I take care of my 2 children and handle all of the household chores on my own (if lucky, my husband will bear a hand on some of them). Sometimes I need to skip for having alone moment, just to enjoy myself, sit back, and relax, so that I could clear my mind and go back to the routines for more. The only thing to make me feel I am really getting old is that I might feel backpain after the day. Or sometimes headaches. Like these last few days, I have a terrible headache that won’t go away.

And looking back at the years gone by, it seems like some things work the way I wanted to, some are far from my expectations and I still have to carry on, and even some dreams I had to let go and bury them. There were time when I failed fixing what’s broken and simply say “how do you do”. There were down and bad times, but there were also days filled with laughter and happiness. There’s no way to connect all of these other than to be grateful, patient, and positive. They’re all just the whole story to build this life. And what I need is to learn to be wiser and a better person, not just go on aging getting old.


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